Every Archetype fascinates in its own unique way. A Double Trouble is not an Archetype you can score as, but rather a situation you can slip in to. Double Troubles are when you “double up” on you primary Advantage because you are in a stressful situation. An example of a Double Trouble is The Old Guard (Trust + Trust). The Old Guard is predictable, safe and unmovable. To avoid Double Trouble mode, balance your personality out with your second highest Advantage, and try to avoid situations that require you to tap into your dormant Advantage. This will help you stay levelheaded and out of Double Trouble mode.

The Double Troubles are:

Innovation + Innovation = The Anarchy (volatile, startling, chaotic)

Passion + Passion = The Drama (Theatrical, emotive, sensitive)

Power + Power = The Aggressor (dominant, overbearing, dogmatic)

Prestige + Prestige = The Imperial (arrogant, cold, superior)

Trust + Trust = The Old Guard (predictable, safe, unmovable)

Mystique + Mystique = The Deadbolt (unemotional, introverted, concentrated)

Alert + Alert = The Control Freak (compulsive, driven, exacting)